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    Application scope of industrial endoscope


    Endoscope has been used for a short time in the construction industry, but its use effect is excellent. It can inspect holes, walls, joints of doors and windows, water pipes and other places that are not easy to see by naked eyes. Installation and detection of central air conditioning, TV and network cables, combined with pipe endoscope, surface magnifying inspection, electron microscope, and endoscope variants, It is suitable for the observation and examination of electronic circuit chips and skin pores. More uses are still being explored

    Oil and gas chemical industry

    Due to the particularity of the oil and gas chemical industry and the high requirements for safety, the large pipelines, irregular vessels, slender seamless steel pipes and so on in the industry need special industrial inspection mirror to carry out detailed inspection on the internal pipe wall

    Mechanical maintenance

    It is mainly used for the internal inspection of large mechanical equipment, as well as the observation of the working conditions of some machines under the environment of too high temperature, toxic or too small, so as to effectively avoid the adverse effects of direct observation on the observer. Moreover, through the optimization and adjustment of the structure of the endoscope itself, the observation angle and observation range can be adjusted very comprehensively, and the operation is simple

    Security monitoring

    Endoscope can be used for security detection, customs and other aspects, used to detect luggage, parcels and other packaged items, without opening the package and can be inspected, not only to ensure the work efficiency of security personnel, but also to protect the privacy of the detected items. At the same time, it is also more and more used in anti-terrorism operations of armed police

    Automobile maintenance

    Industrial endoscope used in automobile inspection is a new application direction of endoscope. It can be mainly used in automobile engine, fuel tank, braking system and other places that can not be directly seen by naked eyes. With the increase of private cars and the rise of DIY trend, small portable electronic video endoscope with higher image definition will gradually become a part of household toolbox. For the detection of automobile performance, engine is one of the main parts to be detected. At present, for some manufacturers who contact with engines, such as engine manufacturers, they will encounter the problems of whether the internal quality of engine products is up to standard or whether the internal carbon deposition and damage of automobile engines are repaired by automobile repair factories. For such problems, it is not enough to judge by the eyes and the sound of experience. Automobile endoscope can solve this problem easily.

    Power facilities

    Regularly check whether there are scars and stress decay cracks on the surface of gas turbine and generator big column wheel core. Inspect the welding quality of the inner surface of the weld of the main steam pipe, deaerator, header and other pressure products, and check whether there are serious welding defects. During overhaul, it is necessary to detect whether there are microcracks in turbine blades, retaining rings and stress concentration parts. The generator set and equipment in power plant need long-time operation and work. It is necessary to regularly inspect the internal operation through endoscope.

    Pipeline chemical industry

    It is used to inspect the welding quality, stress corrosion crack and chemical corrosion of inner wall of welded joint of process pipeline, pressure vessel, reactor and heat exchanger.


    It is more accurate and efficient than the traditional hand touch inspection to check the turbine engine blade and retaining ring for damage.

    Boiler gas turbine

    It is used to check the pipes of boiler, gas turbine and diesel engine.