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    Recently, it's too cold in Beijing. Er Bao began to ask for breakfast at home before going to kindergarten. I think the child is small, cold in the morning, eat something at home to warm the body, go out is better for the body, is the kindergarten meal to waste. It's much better to make breakfast for children. Get up more than half an hour early, and a delicious nutritious breakfast will soon be served. The family of four has a warm meal. This morning, I also made egg tarts that children love to eat, which are better than those bought outside. There are many kinds of staple food for breakfast today, but each kind of quantity is not big. There are sweet waxy corn, soft bread slices, and delicious egg tarts baked in the morning. We cooked a pot of green vegetable and preserved egg porridge in a casserole, which is salty and fresh. Then we fried shrimps and slippery eggs together with egg white, which is more than egg tarts liquid. We didn't waste any ingredients. It took only half a year to make such a breakfast Two hours, come and see how I do it!